The Global Net Zero Agenda Has Failed

It’s almost as if the psychopaths enjoy creating massive failures…

Rejoice, brothers and sisters who enjoy freedom: it appears yet another globalist scheme is set to fail!

About 90% of countries are set to miss their net zero targets. Did someone say The Great Reset is failing?

This is brilliant news. The power-hungry, delusional psychopaths who have wormed their way into positions of power across the world still need to convince the population that economic suicide and a severe lowering of living standards is a good thing.

Quite the challenge.

“Without more legally binding and well-planned net-zero policies, the world is highly likely to miss key climate targets.”
~ Science Daily

We need the compliance of the population or our agenda is screwed.

This is most likely the biggest reason why they are failing.

We have the power, always have, even if we forget sometimes.

In the new study, led by Imperial College London and published today in Science, researchers ranked 90% of global net-zero greenhouse gas emissions pledges looking likely to fail.

Co-author Dr Robin Lamboll, from the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial, said: “Making targets legally binding is crucial to ensure long-term plans are adopted. We need to see concrete legislation in order to trust that action will follow from promises.”

They really are worried. Keep up the good work, people, by living your life, enjoying freedom and exploring the abundance this life and this beautiful earth have to offer.

Cheers to the failure of net zero!

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