The Climate Con Podcast Episode 7 – A Climate Counternarrative – Denis De Bernardy

Denis De Bernardy joined Travis Cook for the 7th episode of The Climate Con podcast

Denis De Bernardy presented a stellar slide deck containing huge amounts of research on the 7th episode of The Climate Con podcast.

Part 1 Subjects:

– The mystery of missing CO2
– How does canopy loss contribute to CO2 emissions?
– CO2 plumes from clear cut deforestation
– Flaws in carbon accounting
– CO2 emissions from farming
– CO2 is plant food
– The incredible potential uses for hemp
– Do we need MORE CO2?
– Environmental (non) crises
– Top soil loss
– The great resist
– Factual information does not matter to demoralised people 
– Legal Ju-Jitsu

The Big Lie That Climate Propagandists Don’t Want You To Talk About:

Carbon Accounting is Making a Canopy Problem Look Like an Energy Problem (non-editorialised):

A Climate Counternarrative:

Git repository (deck and printable documents):

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Part 2 (For members)

In part 2 Travis had the opportunity to ask some questions to Denis after his stellar presentation of his slide deck: A Climate Counter Narrative.

Members can watch here:

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