The Greatest Scandal Of Our Generation

The Climate con

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The 3 biggest cons…

Con No.1

“Co2 is dangerous and every effort possible must be made to limit its release into the atmosphere”.

Con No.2

“Renewable energy is all we need and we must completely abolish fossil fuels”.

Con No.3

“Humans overwhelmingly cause climate change and right now we are at the warmest the Earth has been in recorded history”.

We must fight to secure our way of life for the generations to come.

When in reality the truth is far more optimistic…

Climate Truth No.1

Co2 is incredibly good for the environment, plants and crops alike. It also has a logarithmically decreasing temperature increasing effect.

Climate Truth No.2

There is no way with current renewable technology to generate our power needs. Fossil fuels provide cheap and abundant energy that can power our societies.

Climate Truth No.3

Whether we like it or not, the climate has always changed and always will. Who is to say a little bit warmer has to be a bad thing?

We are living in an incredible time for humanity and our development as a species.

we will defeat
the climate con

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