Agenda 2030 Is In Peril, Globalists Are Becoming Desperate

You can smell their fear

Imagine going all in on some mad evil plan to try and control the entire human race. You tell all your friends, get loads of them on board, and make a big deal about how this agenda has to — and will — succeed.

You make it public, set these insane goals, and commit huge amounts of time energy and resources towards this plan.

But then a huge portion of humanity continually rejects your idea.

They are relentless in not complying, in learning the real facts, and in creating solutions.

So much so, it now seems like your ENTIRE AGENDA is falling apart.

The globalists themselves have been saying just that. At the recent 2023 sustainable goals summit in New York, they are sounding alarm bells and expressing the need for an “urgent plan,” because, as they put it, their agenda is “in peril.”

Support is falling from all sides, and the UN apparently doesn’t hold the same pull it once had.

Prior to the summit, UN Secretary-General António Guterres sat down for an interview with Mita Hosali, the Deputy Director of UN News. Hosali opened with this: “We’re speaking here on the cusp of the 78th General Assembly Session, where a record number of world leaders are expected, but from the P5, only one head of state. . . . What does this say about the U.N. as a center of diplomacy, at a time when there are crises on so many fronts?”

“But the Agenda is a promise, not a guarantee. At the halftime mark, the promise is in deep peril. For the first time in decades, development progress is reversing. . .”  ~United Nations

Then, when speaking at the summit itself, Guterres said, “Today, only 15% of the targets are on track, with many going into reverse.” He issued a call for a “global rescue plan” to pull the SDGs back from the jaws of defeat.


Now, I don’t know about you, but little more makes me happier than seeing the globalists’ evil schemes fail.

The Great Reset has been showing signs of failing for months.

Just because our enemies appear confident in their plans doesn’t mean they will be successful.

We have seen time and time again the failure of their agendas.

What is stopping them from succeeding?

People like you and me. This includes those amongst us who are willing to stand up and fight for freedom — to say no and fight for their beliefs!

We ultimately have the power. They know this, and the only way they can win is if we comply and give our power away.

Even Bill Gates is backtracking.

Some are saying the air has gone out of the climate crisis balloon.

Yet, even though it seems we’re winning, it’s not over yet.

So . . . keep going. Keep sharing. Keep fighting.

We got this!

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